Should You Use Your Name or a Separate Business Name when Launching a Business or Website?

One question that seems to come up over and over again is whether it’s best to use one’s own name for a new business or website or create a separate business name and identity. While it may seem this question is only applicable for those who are launching a new business, I actually get asked […]

How and Why to Make Sure Your Photo Is Included in Google’s Search Results

Quick question for you: If you’re searching Google and come across these listings, which would you choose? I’d bet you’d choose the one in the middle. That extra photo stands out and conveys credibility, thereby getting the click. In fact, I’ve seen reports of these “authorship” photos increasing click through rates by 30% to 150% […]

Google+, the Social Network You Can’t Afford to Ignore

As you may have noticed, over the past few months Google has made some major changes that affect local businesses in a big way. Over 80 Million Google Places pages have been transformed into Google+ Local pages. It’s a dramatic change, and in my opinion it’s for the better. Unfortunately, these changes are an ongoing […]

52 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers (and those on any other social media platform)

The following video and post is courtesy of David Foster of and originally appeared on their blog on September 24th, 2012, at My reason for duplicating it here is two-fold: 1) David’s video not only provides a good overview of how to use Twitter appropriately and effectively, but also includes a large number […]

Pandas, Penguins, and Google, Oh My!: How the Search Engine Giant’s Changes Affect You and What’s Next

If you’ve been using search engine optimization (SEO) at all in your Internet marketing endeavors, you’re likely aware that Google recently made some significant changes to the way it ranks websites in its search engine results. It all started last year with Google’s “Panda” update, and only intensified a little over a month ago with […]

New Facebook Fan Page Changes: Great News for “Real” Business Owners!

If you have a Facebook Fan Page for your business, you’re likely aware that Facebook recently announced some big changes to the layout of their Fan Pages. Soon, whether you like it or not, the layout of your Fan Page will change to the “Timeline” format Facebook’s been using for their Personal Pages since last […] vs. – Which One Is Right for You?

Continuing our series on Why You Should Use WordPress to Power Your Small Business Website, today we’ll explore the differences between and in order for you to choose which version of the popular blogging software is right for your small business website. WordPress is open source blogging software, and if you’re looking […]

Why You Should Use WordPress to Power Your Small Business Website

As someone who began his Internet marketing career in the late 1990s by developing and hand-programming websites for coaches, therapists, and other small business owners, it’s taken me longer than many to jump on the WordPress bandwagon. In fact, there’s something about the creative process and control that comes with hand-coding websites that I still […]

What’s a Reasonable Cost/Benefit Ratio or Return on Investment for Your Marketing Endeavors?

A couple of days ago a client sent me an e-mail with the following question: “What is a reasonable cost/benefit ratio or return on investment for any marketing tools or vehicles?” It’s a great question – and one for which I rarely see the specifics discussed outside of marketing books – so I quickly replied… […]

What Are Your Goals for 2012? How Can I Help?

Hi Everyone! Well, 2012 is officially here. I hope you had a wonderful 2011. If not financially yet, at least I hope you’ve learned a lot. Do you have goals set for this year? You certainly should. As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” It helps to talk about […]

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