When you hire a speaker, what are you really looking for?

If you’re looking for an hour of laughs, entertainment and maybe a motivational story or two thrown in for good measure, don’t hire me!

But, if you really want to create lasting change in the businesses and lives of your audience, to have them walking out of the room knowing exactly what they need to do to increase their number of clients and referrals and how to do it, then I can help!

I provide energy-packed sessions, crammed with proven techniques that give your people new skills and ways of looking at their business and the world around them, inspiring them to higher levels of performance than ever before.

Put it this way, the three most frequent comments I hear after a speech are:

  • “Wow”
  • “I took more notes during your speech than I have during any other.”
  • “I can go home right now, and know that I’ve gotten my money’s worth.”

The presentations I provide move quickly, are content-rich, and contain just the right amount of humor to keep things interesting and fun. I’ve been told time and time again that I have a unique ability to talk about technical subjects in a way that everyone can understand, and in a way that gives people just the right level of information they need to implement the techniques I teach. I teach market-proven techniques that really work, generating millions in profits for the clients and students with which I’ve worked over the last decade.

Topic Areas

I’m not your typical speaker with a portfolio of speeches covering everything from leadership to diversity and time management, with a humorous keynote speech thrown in for good measure. I believe the only way one can truly create real, lasting change in audiences is to speak on what one lives. Therefore, I focus on three areas:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Marketing Strategies and Tactics
  • Creating Additional Streams of Income

The programs I offer can be tailored for the needs of your specific audience, and can be given in 60-90 minute, half-day or full-day formats.


My fees start at $2,500 plus expenses. Please contact me to discuss fees for your specific event.

Attendee Comments

Here is just a small sampling of audience responses from some of my recent presentations:

“Thanks Sean! That was a great presentation. I heard several people say they were motivated by it to get cracking on their marketing and I feel the same.”
– Verna L. Nelson, MFT

“Thanks! You gave a wonderful presentation; thank you. Now, I MUST get started!”
– Jan Austin, MFT

“Kudos for a well presented wealth of material. I don’t know how you did it, frankly. You are a PRO! Thanks, it was so helpful to me as I think about my next steps.”
– Louise Mary Smith, MFT

“Thanks for a great presentation. I only wish there had been more time! You have a wealth of valuable information and a commanding, yet comfortable style of presenting. I would easily pay more for a half-day seminar on the topic of online marketing from someone with your expertise”
– Victoria Swenson

“Thank you, Sean. FANTASTIC presentation on Friday!”
– Veronica Schneider, MFT

“Just wanted to tell you YOU KICKED ASS! So much info packed into an organized, straight-forward, well-thought out and comprehensive presentation. You rock as a presenter!”
– Barbara Griswold, MFT

For more information on booking me to speak for your company or at your next event, please complete the form below:

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