Should You Use Your Name or a Separate Business Name when Launching a Business or Website?

One question that seems to come up over and over again is whether it’s best to use one’s own name for a new business or website or create a separate business name and identity. While it may seem this question is only applicable for those who are launching a new business, I actually get asked […]

New Facebook Fan Page Changes: Great News for “Real” Business Owners!

If you have a Facebook Fan Page for your business, you’re likely aware that Facebook recently announced some big changes to the layout of their Fan Pages. Soon, whether you like it or not, the layout of your Fan Page will change to the “Timeline” format Facebook’s been using for their Personal Pages since last […]

What Are Your Goals for 2012? How Can I Help?

Hi Everyone! Well, 2012 is officially here. I hope you had a wonderful 2011. If not financially yet, at least I hope you’ve learned a lot. Do you have goals set for this year? You certainly should. As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” It helps to talk about […]

What’s a Client Worth to You?

There’s little arguing that a client’s value can be determined in multiple ways. Today, I’d like to leave aside discussions of a client’s inherent worth as a human being and the pleasure one derives from helping another person succeed and discuss something far more important to the health of your business. Most businesses generate a […]

What Most Coaches and Therapists Don’t Know About Price

A cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. — Oscar Wilde What most coaches and mental health professionals, in fact most business owners in general, don’t know about price could fill a shelf full of books. 1. For starters, they do not understand how elastic price is. Only […]

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